We at SPLASH are tired of today’s somber heroes. We want a return to the days of pastel colored heroes and friendly sea mammals.

Tusky, the walrus, was Aquaman’s greatest ally. He and Aquaman would have great adventures under the waves, when Aquaman wasn’t too busy answering the phone for the rest of the Super Friends, picking up their dry-cleaning, or filming public service announcements.
, the best friend an underwater superhero could have.



And let’s not forget Prince Namor, and his shark friend … uh … ...um…Jabberjaw. Yes, that’s it! Who could forget Namor’s trusty sidekick Jabberjaw?




After the disappearance of their trusty side-kicks, both Aquaman and Namor became more serious, grim, and gritty. Not the happy-go-lucky heroes we grew up with! This must change!

Tusky and Jabberjaw must be brought back!

The blame for these egregious oversights can be placed squarely on the heads of two people: Peter David, and John Byrne.

Peter David, who wrote the Aquaman series (1994), chose not to include the courageous Tusky, claiming he was “too ethnic.” After strong fan reaction, Tusky’s absence was explained in Aquaman Annual #3…but it was too little, too late! Bring Back Tusky!

John Byrne, the first writer and artist on the Namor the Sub-Mariner series (1990) callously chose not to use the beloved Jabberjaw. Cornered by an angry fan at a convention, all he could say was “What the hell are you talking about?” before making a dash for the exit.


We in SPLASH demand immediate action!

  • Strong letters of support of Tusky and Jabberjaw should be sent to DC and Marvel comics.
  • Write Cartoon Network and tell them to “Bring back Tusky!”
  • Let Peter David and John Byrne know that we want our large sea mammal (and/or cartilaginous fish) back!
  • Immediately buy up all the offending issues of Aquaman and Namor so as not to let these comics fall into the hands of impressionable young children.

Thank you for your support!

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