Latverian Institute of Technology
We are pleased that you have inquired about joining our graduating class of 2008 at the Latverian Institute of Technology. We are Latveria’s newest university, having been founded by Victor Von Doom upon his ascension to the throne. Since being founded, we have weathered the reign of several monarchs, impostors, robots, and do-gooders, but have always managed to stay open and more importantly, increase our funding.

There are many courses of study open to you at L.I.T. All freshmen students are required to attend a six-week “indoctrination camp” prior to starting their senior year. Ask anyone who’s returned, they’ve all loved it!

The Latverian Institute of Technology boasts the top Engineering Department in all of Greater Latveria. Our Robotics Department is considered to be the best in the world, and only at L.I.T can you major in Time Travel or Xenobiology. Due to a court order, I am required to mention that we have a Women’s Studies Department as well.

Academic extracurricular activities are stressed at our school. Students are encouraged to stay after class and participate in group projects. Designs developed by students in our Robotics Lab formed the basis of both the Doombot Mark III and Mark IV!

Sports are not emphasized at L.I.T. since some unfortunate and unfounded accusations after our underdog win against Latverian State in the 1996 Curling Championships.

Don’t miss the last weekend in May, when our only fraternity, Delta Omicron Omicron Mu, hosts the largest keg party in all of Europe, which while enriching our coffers, has also lead to some awkward court actions.

Life After L.I.T.:
The Latverian Institute of Technology boasts an excellent job-placement program. Most of graduate can easily get jobs in some of the world’s top companies, including Roxxon, LexCorp, Hammer Industries, Oscorp (formerly Osborne Industries), and Enron. We have also provided jobs in Hydra, Kobra, and A.I.M for those students who prefer quicker advancement.

Thank you for your interest, we hope to see you here for “camp” this coming summer!

Dr. Bernard P. Slagovich
President, Latverian Institute of Technology
“Knowledge is Power”



Turing Hall

Turing Hall
home of our Robotic Department.


Bester Hall
Bester Hall
home of the Time Lab. Repairs are expected to be completed by spring '05.


Throne Hall

Throne Hall
Adminstrative Offices


Janus Building

The Janus Building
home of the Institute's crack legal department.
(Lawyers wanted, please apply)


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