From the makers of Romu-LEAN and Ferengi-Cuisine comes:


Klingon Karbs


Are you:|

  • Having trouble cinching your uniform?
  • Finding it hard to wield the Bat'leth like you used to?
  • Concerned that your underlings will soon depose you?
  • Considering fad diets such as limb amputation and mouth-stapling to lose weight?


Fret no longer!! Now your favorite Klingon meals come in delicious Low Carb BARS


All of the salty goodness of real targ heart, only with half the carbs!*

Heart of Targ Karb Bar

Our most popular item. Made with real worms and our special flavors and spices.
Contains no MSG!

Gagh Karb Bar



Today IS a good day to DIET!



WARNING Phenylketonurics: contains phenylalanine

WARNING Tribblephobics: contains tribble

*contains no actual Targ meat


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